Dear Gifters,

This is how it all started.

Have you been here before? Christmas morning, tree is sparkling, kids laughing and a hot coffee nestled between your palms. Sounds perfect right? But what about the aftermath? The explosion of shiny wrapping paper, glittery ribbons and glossy cards. And what do you do with it all? Maybe some of it's recyclable (yay!), but my bet is that most of it isn't. So much of the
gift wrap we find in stores is either made of plastic or coated in plastic, preventing it from being recycled. At the end of it's use, it's junk. Destined for the trash. And the worst part is the realization that you created this waste, when you could have found eco friendly ways to wrap your gifts.

This is what happened to me one Christmas, and since then I have vowed to switch to reusable or recyclable gift wrap!

I always strive to reduce waste by reusing what I can, avoiding single-use items & plastics, wearing previously loved clothes, and sourcing second-hand furniture and other household items. But somehow I had overlooked the waste we create when wrapping gifts!

So, I hauled out the sewing machine that had been collecting dust in the garage (see Mom? Told you I’d eventually use it!) I Googled “how to sew” and got to work. Within the week, I had sewn a few wonky-shaped boxes using a pattern that
I drew on a cereal box. I made so many samples those first few weeks, I had to rely on my neighbours to save their cardboard for me!

No one is perfect, nor do we need to be. But we can all do better! This is my goal with NemyLu. We won’t save the planet with reusable gift wrap, but it’s a step toward a more sustainable world and better habits. Something I have learned on my journey is that I can still create beautifully wrapped gifts, and reduce my waste in the process.

I hope I’ve inspired you to change the way you wrap gifts for friends and family, not just at Christmas but for all of life’s celebrations! From birthdays to baby showers to weddings, we can all be better Gifters if we choose to be.

Thank you for supporting our small business, and thank you for choosing reusable gift wrap!






Nemylu is a combination of my daughters’ names: Nemaya and Talulah. They were the inspiration behind this business! Without them, I wouldn't have realized how much waste we create when we wrap gifts.